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You Say You Can’t? Well you’re right.

Why “can’t” holds you       back. 

Saying you can’t is like saying I’m not even going to try to see the possibly of being able to do something. It’s like fear is the best friend of the word can’t. They work together to bring you to a point of doubt and hold you back from what you are absolutely capable of.  If you say you can’t then your mentality will sure prove you right.




What is the reason why you can’t? Do you have actual facts as to the reason why you can’t? Now don’t get me wrong their could be some limitations to doing something due to health or other IMPORTANT issue. But if you are saying you can’t becuase you are either scared or lazy, then you are the one slowing yourself down and remaining complacent. 

You have the ability to do what you want to do. Everyone at least has a shot at being able to accomplish whatever it is they want to accomplish. It comes down to the amount of work and time you are willing to put in. When the thought of time and effort comes into play is when the decision of “I can’t” usually comes out. They key is you actually can, you just can’t be scared or too lazy to put in the time and effort.  

Go out there and kill it!  





            STOP MAKING           DECISIONS IN FEAR

This is going to be a short topic as there is really nothing to say becomes getting straight to the point. People ultimately make a poor decision based off fear. Then later regret it because they decided to go against what they knew they should of done due to the fact they were to scared to make the choice. 


Getting what you want in life doesn’t come easy. Life doesn’t just say here you go, here is everything you wanted. No you have to work for it. You have to wake up every single day with one goal in mind and that’s to be freaking awesome and crush your goals. You will be faced with hard decisions that ultimately dictate you getting what you want out of situations. When those are the hardest decisions, that is where you buck up and make that tough decision and power through everything you need to to get things done. Then in that moment when you have pushed through those walls and gave your best, you will feel the peace of mind that you did what you knew you had to do. 

Get out there and make those tough decisions. It may be just what you need to succeed.