Most people define success as landing a career job, graduating college, or achieving financial stability. I on the other hand feel like there is a deeper meaning to the term success rather than viewing it simply as a destination. 



Here is what I mean, if you view success as reaching a certain point and you get to that point. Do you just stop? Have you made it as far as you wanted? What about as far as you feel like you can go? Take note of that last question. If you have reached some form of success, ask yourself if you feel like you can go further than what you deemed successful. Why should you just stop where you are at if you feel like you can go further? This is where I feel like we can serparate the words goals and success. While you can be successful in accomplishing a goal, it doesn’t have to be the final destination. 

My definition of success may be different than others and some may disagree. But I feel that the true definition of success is REACHING YOUR FULL POTENTIAL AND BEING ALL THAT YOU CAN BE IN YOUR LIFETIME.  Which is not setting a specific ending point. It’s continuing to push further and further every day of your life. That’s being successful. That’s maximizing your full potential!   I hope everyday you think about this and think about how you can be a better version of yourself every single day! Set goals, then set new ones.