The World Of Content Marketing


We live in a day and age where marketing has heavily relied on the content you post with your brand. Lets take a look into Facebook. There are billions and billions of people that scroll their Facebook feed looking for 3 things: Entertainment, solutions, or people to interact with. 

When you take a look at your business, how engaging is your content? Does it say look at me? Or is it just another "scroll on to the next post"? What are ways you can change how your business posts on social media to increase your engagement? 

1. Video Content.

If you haven't caught on yet, we are talking about creating something eye appealing. Want more engagement? MAKE MORE VIDEO! Don't know how to make video? Hire someone to do it for you. (Call me).

Video content has become one of the best ways to catch your viewers eye. If you are scrolling through your feed are you reading every single text status? Or watching all the awesome videos you see? Like most people you are probably watching all the videos. People are lazy now days. They would rather watch a video to learn about something than read about it. Think about it, is it more entertaining to read about something or watch an epic video about it? 

Here is a video I created for a client.



People love to win free crap. Want to boost engagement and potentially gain new leads? Throw in some stuff. Example:

Chance to win a free photo shoot! LIKE, COMMENT, and Share for you chance to win a free photo shoot!

This is a good way to boost engagement however there is a down side to this!

Facebook has rolled out a new algorithm that will sometimes demote posts like this one. They want people to truly feel the need to engage with your content rather than be asked to do so. So be careful with this one. However if you can get by with it and Facebook not demote your posts then it will work well.

3. Images

Like video, people love to look at things rather than read about it. Post a picture of your product but make the image eye appealing. Not much else to say about this one. Dont know how to do this? Hire someone. (Call me)

Consistency is key, if you want more engagement then follow those 3 things I listed and practice consistency with them. While there are many other ways to boos engagement, those are only a few. 



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