Here is what you need to be doing!

When it comes to marketing your options and strategies are endless. There is so much you can truly do. But what is the most engaging and likely to boost sales?

This is a easy one. Video content. Ill break down how you can use this and some examples of what I have done to help my clients. 

Say you have a service for Car Detailing. What do people want to see? HOW GOOD YOUR WORK IS. What is the best way to show that? Video of the process detailing a car with a before and after! By doing this you are showing your audience what is that goes into your work and the end result when you are finished. This intrigues people to come to you because they physically saw you work and how good you really are. 

Consistency with this is key. The more content you post the more people see your work. Also provides a sense of credibility! 

Apply that concept to your business. How can you show your work visually? There are strategies into making video content to market your business. You want to make it sellable... Show your audience why they should by from you! 

If you have any questions about this feel free to get in contact with me!




You Say You Can’t? Well you’re right.

Why “can’t” holds you       back. 

Saying you can’t is like saying I’m not even going to try to see the possibly of being able to do something. It’s like fear is the best friend of the word can’t. They work together to bring you to a point of doubt and hold you back from what you are absolutely capable of.  If you say you can’t then your mentality will sure prove you right.




What is the reason why you can’t? Do you have actual facts as to the reason why you can’t? Now don’t get me wrong their could be some limitations to doing something due to health or other IMPORTANT issue. But if you are saying you can’t becuase you are either scared or lazy, then you are the one slowing yourself down and remaining complacent. 

You have the ability to do what you want to do. Everyone at least has a shot at being able to accomplish whatever it is they want to accomplish. It comes down to the amount of work and time you are willing to put in. When the thought of time and effort comes into play is when the decision of “I can’t” usually comes out. They key is you actually can, you just can’t be scared or too lazy to put in the time and effort.  

Go out there and kill it!  





            STOP MAKING           DECISIONS IN FEAR

This is going to be a short topic as there is really nothing to say becomes getting straight to the point. People ultimately make a poor decision based off fear. Then later regret it because they decided to go against what they knew they should of done due to the fact they were to scared to make the choice. 


Getting what you want in life doesn’t come easy. Life doesn’t just say here you go, here is everything you wanted. No you have to work for it. You have to wake up every single day with one goal in mind and that’s to be freaking awesome and crush your goals. You will be faced with hard decisions that ultimately dictate you getting what you want out of situations. When those are the hardest decisions, that is where you buck up and make that tough decision and power through everything you need to to get things done. Then in that moment when you have pushed through those walls and gave your best, you will feel the peace of mind that you did what you knew you had to do. 

Get out there and make those tough decisions. It may be just what you need to succeed.


Most people define success as landing a career job, graduating college, or achieving financial stability. I on the other hand feel like there is a deeper meaning to the term success rather than viewing it simply as a destination. 



Here is what I mean, if you view success as reaching a certain point and you get to that point. Do you just stop? Have you made it as far as you wanted? What about as far as you feel like you can go? Take note of that last question. If you have reached some form of success, ask yourself if you feel like you can go further than what you deemed successful. Why should you just stop where you are at if you feel like you can go further? This is where I feel like we can serparate the words goals and success. While you can be successful in accomplishing a goal, it doesn’t have to be the final destination. 

My definition of success may be different than others and some may disagree. But I feel that the true definition of success is REACHING YOUR FULL POTENTIAL AND BEING ALL THAT YOU CAN BE IN YOUR LIFETIME.  Which is not setting a specific ending point. It’s continuing to push further and further every day of your life. That’s being successful. That’s maximizing your full potential!   I hope everyday you think about this and think about how you can be a better version of yourself every single day! Set goals, then set new ones. 



One of the biggest teachers that gives some of the hardest lessons in life, FAILURE! Ever heard the phrase "seek failure"? Of course you have. No body actually wants to be a complete failure and that shouldn't be what you seek. Ill dive in a little bit deeper so you see where I am coming from!


If we had a sign like this one we already know what direction to take. However imagine this sign without the arrows. All it says is success and failure. We dont know which way to go. Some of the lucky ones choose the correct route while the others are not so lucky. 

Lets take the failure route :). We just took a right down failure lane. Whats next? Well we are going to hit several brick walls, take a ton of losses, see little to no progression, and feel extremely complacent. BUT, along the way we are going to take these losses and brick walls and use them to our advantage. These are our teachers to show us that we are doing something wrong and need to change the way we do things. 

As we continue down this path we eventually come to the conclusion that we need to take a step back, look at what we are doing and use the failures that we have had to turn around and go the other direction. Putting it in plain text, failing has shown us what we did wrong and told us to turn around. Failure pointed us in the right direction. If we don't seek failure, we are never going to learn those valuable lessons. 

Now that we have allowed failure to say "Turn Around" you are now going to the right direction. 


Working On Time Management


I can't say enough about this topic. I feel I am not only writing about this topic for you guys but also to put myself in check. Here is a list of information I want to cover.

1. Setting goals for each day

2. Waking up early and completing your first task

3. Prioritizing

4. Investing time in yourself


Lets start with setting goals for each day. One thing that is good to practice is before you go to bed each night, take time to yourself to think about what you want to accomplish tomorrow. What is a list of things you feel like you should accomplish? By setting goals you are giving yourself an outline of your day and what it is you are going to do to make your day a success. Here is a list of goals:

- I am going to call a few potential clients and try to get a meeting scheduled

- Completing a project that you have already started

- Go over budgeting and get finances in order

Anything you can think of that would be a task for you to complete could be a goal you take a mental note on or even write down on paper to hold yourself accountable.

Next here is when you allow yourself the time you need to get everything you need done in a timely manner and still have time to invest in yourself and family. Waking up early isn't the easiest thing to do especially if you arn't used to it. If you can manage to get up before 7 to get yourself motivated and complete your first task the rest of your tasks will follow. 

I was watching a video of someone talking about waking up early and getting on the ball of your tasks. One thing that stood out to me was that if every morning, you woke up and completed the most basic task such as making your bed. Your mind will be right and the next task will follow. After that one is complete then you feel like you should complete another. The Moral of that story is that even completing the most basic task when you wake up in the morning can set you on the right track of getting everything you want done out of your day. 

Next comes prioritizing your tasks and goals. Each day holds a tasks that is more important than the other tasks you have planned. Keeping this in mind the night before and planning what time you will get up, and what time you want things done all plays a part in prioritizing. You need to know what kind of schedule you are running on and if there is something of great importance that needs completed then put your time and focus on it and let the other tasks follow. 

Here is the most important step in my opinion.  Investing time into yourself. When you are setting goals, prioritizing, and getting on the ball of completing your tasks you need time at the end of the day/evening to invest in yourself and family. Whether its planning a family activity, reading, going to the gym, etc. You are just as important as the task you complete. I repeat, you are just as important as the task you complete!

Hope you enjoyed the article!

What Value Means For Business | Social Media Marketing


What does it mean to bring value? How can bringing value scale your business? What are ways you can bring value and does it become a habit? 

When you have a client that just signed on with you, obviously you have talked and went over all of your services. They know what to expect from you. So how can you "WOW" them?


The answer is simple, go above and beyond what you already promised them. They already know your services and know what to expect from you. Where the value sits is how much extra you bring to the table. What can you do that is something your client did not expect out of your services? This means that you are doing more than what you are paid to do.

I recently spoke with someone about how much clients should pay for specific services and also the clients that cant afford it. Questions that were given to me were "How is your bank account? Are you to busy to take on a low paying client? Do you have so many clients that you cant afford to take on a cheaper client?" These questions stuck with me because in the end its not about how much they are paying you. Its how much value are you bringing them that makes them want to stay with you and then shout about how great you are. 


Once you get into the swing of over providing it becomes second nature. It develops as a habit. From there scaling your business almost seems effortless.

The World Of Content Marketing


We live in a day and age where marketing has heavily relied on the content you post with your brand. Lets take a look into Facebook. There are billions and billions of people that scroll their Facebook feed looking for 3 things: Entertainment, solutions, or people to interact with. 

When you take a look at your business, how engaging is your content? Does it say look at me? Or is it just another "scroll on to the next post"? What are ways you can change how your business posts on social media to increase your engagement? 

1. Video Content.

If you haven't caught on yet, we are talking about creating something eye appealing. Want more engagement? MAKE MORE VIDEO! Don't know how to make video? Hire someone to do it for you. (Call me).

Video content has become one of the best ways to catch your viewers eye. If you are scrolling through your feed are you reading every single text status? Or watching all the awesome videos you see? Like most people you are probably watching all the videos. People are lazy now days. They would rather watch a video to learn about something than read about it. Think about it, is it more entertaining to read about something or watch an epic video about it? 

Here is a video I created for a client.



People love to win free crap. Want to boost engagement and potentially gain new leads? Throw in some stuff. Example:

Chance to win a free photo shoot! LIKE, COMMENT, and Share for you chance to win a free photo shoot!

This is a good way to boost engagement however there is a down side to this!

Facebook has rolled out a new algorithm that will sometimes demote posts like this one. They want people to truly feel the need to engage with your content rather than be asked to do so. So be careful with this one. However if you can get by with it and Facebook not demote your posts then it will work well.

3. Images

Like video, people love to look at things rather than read about it. Post a picture of your product but make the image eye appealing. Not much else to say about this one. Dont know how to do this? Hire someone. (Call me)

Consistency is key, if you want more engagement then follow those 3 things I listed and practice consistency with them. While there are many other ways to boos engagement, those are only a few. 



Want to read another cool article on some content marketing? Click here.


Today I finished up getting the final footage of this beautiful 2018 Grand Sport. This is easily a eighty thousand dollar car. We plan on using this footage to promote the website for my client and remarket to the people that visited as well as create a look alike audience to hit new people and bring in new customers.



Content really is king when it comes to marketing. Take this business for example. Im grabbing eye catching footage of a really nice car. When people see the final video of this of course they will want to watch it. ITS A CORVETTE GRAND SPORT! We use this to attract to the website and hope to interest people in getting details.

I started with just a simple 3 point lighting system and shot in 1080p at 60fps. Then I through my go pro 6 black on one of the workers heads for some POV shots. The final product should be amazing! Cant wait to share it with you!


Go Pro just had a big game changer. When they introduced the Go Pro 6 black, they are following a rough couple years for the company after they saw a decline in sales. With the new go pro, they are bringing 4k at 60fps and awesome image stabilization. Check out this youtube video.

Go Pro will see a huge spike in sales after this release. With the 4k at 60fps, that is going to excite a lot of content creaters such as myself. Looking forward to using it for all my clients!


You are a local business, you need a specific audience to get your target customers. But what if you target everyone in your local area?

Yep, time to create an ad with no "interests or demographics" with nothing but your local area. 

You can target everyone like this with eye appealing video or pictures to get them to your website. You then use your facebook pixel to gather all the data and create a "look alike audience" that matches the interest of the people that visited your website. If you dont do that well then you can just create an ad that retargets the people that visited your site.



This is a very effective strategy to just get your website out to all of your local people and the retarget them with a later ad that has a defined audience!


Another piece of content I shot for my car detailing client. I had just bought a 3 point lighting system with blue gels to give it that blue cinematic look.

Using this look, this was good for capturing attention on social media. It captures the audience eye because it looks "pretty". Nothing beats a good piece of social media advert that has some awesome looking content. 

Social Media Marketing | Martial Arts Studio

A new client signed on with me this month. We are working towards bringing in new students for his Martial Arts studio. Of course we used video to capture his viewers attention. See it below.

This is the first piece of content for his advert. We are using this video to capture peoples attention on facebook so they can see what special they are running. Targeting for this ad was very specific. Ultimately we are aiming to kid younger kids into his studio to learn self defense and personal development. To do this we targeted women around the age 24 to 48 on Facebook advertising.

Parents love to get their kids involved in this sort of activity as it is good for fitness and self development. Also if the parents want a place to drop off the kids to maybe go on a date then this is the perfect place!


Social Media Marketing |Tesla Model 3 | Car Detailing Promo

Yesterday I was working with one of my clients who is a detailing shop. They had a TESLA MODEL 3 come pulling into their garage. Luckily I had all of my camera equipment ready and produced this video for them!

My client hired me to do video and photography to produce high quality engaging content. We use videos like these for Facebook advert because it draws in the audience of their business. People like to see awesome content. Its more engaging, and stops people from just scrolling. 

If you are scrolling through Facebook, are you reading every single post you come across? If you are like me and most other people I know then you probably arnt. Infact, if you stopped scrolling and you are reading this, why? Because I caught your attention with quality content. 

If you are a business that is wanting to boost your engagement. Try this strategy, if you dont have the video or photography background then get with me and we can make it happen!