Established in 2017, Morgan Media Management & Marketing works closely with business owners to create engaging advert for lead generation.

We plan and execute custom audiences with Facebook advertising to put your ad in front of people who are likely to convert. Utilizing your Facebook pixel, we can track who comes to your site and use retargeting methods to capture them in a sale!

With several years of videography and photography, we take advert on Social Media to a whole new level, driving customer engagement and sales through the roof.

Your customers love to see eye appealing content. We make sure the content you put out not only satisfies your customer but makes them want to engage with

your business.


I grew up in Mountain Home, Arkansas graduating from High School in 2008. I always had an eye and passion for art. I started photography at 17 years old and always loved creating new projects.

What I enjoyed most was capturing peoples favorite moments on camera and sharing it with them. I was always finding ways to help others using my passion and I fully believe thats why I fell into marketing. With my passion for helping others, I wanted to help businesses grow. I have had the privilege to work in many different industries and develop my skills along the way. I am looking forward to continue working and helping other businesses grow!


  1. Google ads. (PPC) to up your call volume

  2. Advert Campaigns On Social Media

  3. Social Media Postings

  4. Videography

  5. Photography